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Rosie the Riveter Dog Tags
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help fund the Rosie the Riveter Trust and its efforts to support the Rosie the Riveter World War II / Home Front National Historic Park in Richmond, California.

We are the only source of Rosie the Riveter and World War II products officially licensed by the Rosie the Riveter Trust.

Victory at Sea: The Legendary World War II Documentary DVD
Twenty-six episode series about naval combat during World War II. Famous for its original music score by Richard Rogers and eloquent narration by Leonard Graves. One of the earliest documentaries made for TV, Victory At Sea features actual battle footage that was collected from both Allied and Axis sources! This award-winning documentary series which has been digitally remastered and restored takes you through the full story of WWII by sea. Each episode contains at least one powerful stand-alone action-packed sequence giving an urgent, surprisingly modern feel. It is as much entertaining as it is informational. Approximately 12 hours long.

Price: $79.95